Fitted Office & Study Furniture


Many people now work from home and it has become increasingly important to have an office that suits your personal needs as well as fulfilling your business criteria. Having bespoke fitted office furniture to a spare bedroom or home office will add value to your work life balance as well as your property. 1st Choice Fitted Bedrooms, Darwen, Lancashire will design your office or study not just as a place you work in but to be part of your home.


Our tailor made workstations can be optimised in order to make it a pleasure to sit down and start work in the morning. The addition of bespoke furniture to a room in your home such as DVD shelves, Bookshelves, CD racks and filing draws, help organise your personal and business lives.


For more information on our range of bepoke fitted office furniture please give us a call on 01254 873 173 or use our contact form.



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