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Designing fitted furniture for any room can present their own challenges but usually a loft conversion needs ideas to counter a pitched roof or an apex. For the average company this can be something of a problem, not for us. 1st Choice Fitted Bedrooms specialise in angled wardrobes giving you the maximum use of space in difficult rooms. Our design team will inspire you with their loft ideas and are specialist in bespoke ftted furniture. Our specialists in fitted loft bedrooms will calculate the angles accurately and we will manufacture the furniture to fit precisely to your loft room.

1st Choice Fitted Bedrooms do not ‘cut-down’ from standard wardrobe doors or adapt on site, all our fitted furniture is bespoke to your loft room or attic. Sloped ceiling unit examples can have fitted loft drawers and units and fitted loft wardrobes.

If you are looking for inspiration for your loft conversion or for more information about fitted loft rooms or a bespoke home office in your attic, give us a call on 01254 873 173 or use our contact form.


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