How much will it cost?

Because 1st choice furniture is custom made or, in other words individually designed, manufactured and installed, the price does not exist until the installation is conceived. However we are very happy to give guide prices.


Where is the nearest 1st choice showroom?

1st choice has one showroom attached to our factory at Darwen. For directions and our opening times go to contact page.


Is 1st Choice furniture made in standard size modules?

No. Everything is individually dimensioned for a perfect fit.


How do you deal with sloping ceilings?

Our design team calculate the angles accurately and we manufacture the furniture to fit precisely. We do not ‘cut-down’ from standard doors or adapt on site.


What materials do you use?

The doors are made from melamine. Every door is fitted with our soft close hinge system; this ensures that no door can be slammed shut.

The interiors are usually high quality laminated chipboard in a broad choice of wood effects. To compliment the doors we colour co-ordinate all our carcasses.


Do you use hard board for the base of the drawers?

No. All the drawer bases and sides are made from the same materials as our carcasses.


Is the furniture ‘rigid’ or ‘flat pack’?

Wherever possible, 1st choice furniture is pre-assembled at our factory and sent out rigid. For practical delivery reasons our wardrobes are assembled on site.


Where is the furniture manufactured?

At our factory in Darwen.


What geographic areas do you service?

Lancashire and Manchester are our core trading areas.


Do I have to pay for the furniture before it is installed?

No, but we do ask for a deposit of approximately one third of the total cost and then the balance is paid when the work is completed.


Do you make free standing furniture?

Yes. Because our furniture is custom made we can make almost anything but you must expect to pay a premium over the cost of mass produced free standing furniture.


What is the delivery time?

Normally 2 to 4 weeks but please let us know if you have a particular deadline as we are flexible. However, making custom made furniture takes longer than pulling pre-made items off the shelf.


Do you use high pressure sales techniques?



Do you make follow up phone calls after the initial quotation?

No, we believe that our potential customers should contact us if they wish to continue with their purchase.


Is the furniture guaranteed?

Yes, all 1st choice furniture comes with a 5 year guarantee.


Can I design the furniture myself?

Yes, please discuss your designs with a 1st choice designer who will be able to advise you on practical issues and will endeavour to adapt your ideas to suit our production methods


Do you have any letters of recommendation?

Yes, you are welcome to call into our showroom where we have these on display.


How can I be sure that I will be satisfied with the furniture and service?

We pride ourselves on our service and the quality of the furniture we produce and as a result 80% of our new business comes from previous customers and their friends


Do you have any sales or special offers?

No, our industry is plagued with dishonest claims and special offers. Many of our competitors have permanent ‘half-price’ sales and it is amazing how often these sales are about to ‘end today’ Please do not be fooled by these practices, our prices do not rise just to be lowered again in order to make a sale.


If you have any other questions please give us a call on 01254 873 173 or use our contact form.