Design Ideas


As every project undertaken by us is tailor made to fit each living space, we have a range of different solutions to incorporate features such as lighting, dressing tables, corners and sloping ceilings whilst still providing the maximum amount of storage and individual style for our customers.


Corner Solutions


There are many different ways to tackle a corner space when considering fitted furniture. Some of our customers prefer a squared option with the maximum amount of storage available, yet others like to utilise our expertise and include a curved wardrobe within the design.


An example of a wardrobe corner unit A square corner fitted wardrobe An example of a wardrobe corner unit with mirrored door


Overhead Solutions


If your living area is limited, you can incorporate overhead storage to minimise clutter without affecting your wardrobe space. This can include features such as spotlights to utilise the cupboards too!


Overhead cupboards with fitted headboard unit High Gloss overhead cupboards Overhead cupboards and spotlights


Dressing Tables


Our quality dressing tables are are an ideal addition to your new look living space and provide plenty of drawers to minimise clutter with a stylish storage solution for smaller items. Mirrors and matching stools are purchased seperately.


Example of a high gloss dressing table A fitted dressing table and chest of drawers A fitted dressing table and chest of drawers




We can provide a wide range of different headboard designs to suit your living space design. Beds and headboards are unique to everyone and it's important that your chosen design suits you. For suggestions on the best style, feel free to contact one of our in-house designers who will be able to advise you.


Example of a High Gloss Headboard A solid headboard Padded Headboard




The right lighting can affect the mood of your living space and highlight any specific features, such as mirrors or shelves. We can advise you as to which kind of lighting would best suit your design according to the function and natural light in your room.


Downlighting on a corner wardrobe unit Spotlights on a fitted wardrobe with mirrored door panels Lights on a fitted wardrobe and dressing table




We produce a variety of different seating styles including box seats and stools, each designed to fit neatly with the particular style of bedrooms that we currently manufacture.


An example of dressing table seat Fitted bedroom stool An example of bedroom seat

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